Meet Bonnie Walner of Sonoma Gardens Design


I’ve had a long career in interior design, and for many years I confined my passion for gardening to my own homes and gardens. But when I settled in Sonoma with its outdoor lifestyle, my clients often asked if I could bring my color, design and spatial expertise to their outdoor spaces as well.

I loved the idea. I joined the rigorous Master Gardener program in the “art and science of gardening” and received two certifications in horticulture and sustainable practices. From there, I began working with clients on expanding the beauty, pleasure and utility of their homes  to their outdoor spaces.

Before long, I was adding public workshops to my private client practice. I took a special interest in succulents because of their beauty, variety and hardiness, and because they are so compatible with our climate and need for responsible water practices. These workshops are fun, informal and full of valuable information and gardening tips. So far, they’ve taken place at:

  • Sonoma Community Center
  • Sonoma Garden Park
  • Vintage House
  • Wine Country Garden Center
  • Sonoma Valley Newcomer’s
  • Valley of the Moon Garden Club
  • In my backyard – for both adults and children

What I enjoy most is the pleasure my clients derive from their new gardens and how much more they use the revitalized space. For family meals, work and business meetings, entertaining, and just relaxing in nature.

For a complimentary consultation, please call or email. I’m looking forward to talking to you about your outdoor space and all that it can be.